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Geo Glyph 1.4 update

Geo Glyph recently updated their software to version 1.4 and I had the opportunity to give it a try. There are some fantastic new additions and a whole list of improvments that you can read about here: http://www.quadspinner.com/blog/GeoGlyph-14 

The satellite color tables allow users to create detailed, realistic landscape textures really fast. Another thing worth noting is that there are 3 ways to make various sand dunes now. In the previous release it was hard to create and expanse of rolling dunes but now it's super easy to customize the dunes for large or small landscapes.

I'm really loving the new update and...

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TerrainTextures Launches Now!


Baby steps...

Welcome to the TerrainTextures blog. I'm super excited for the launch of the site and hope to see it grow to be the best resource for artists who want textures to generate terrains for use in their art. Currently we just have a couple products in the store but I'm looking forward to adding several new terrains on a regular basis. Thank you for checking out the site!

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